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It is exremely easy to replace a roller. However, in case of hesitating, please, refere to specialists. In case one roller has failed there is a probability that all the rest will fail eventually also. Therefore the complete replacement is recommended.

Warning! Take extraordinary care with tool, underpan of a shower cabin and glass door when replacing rollers on a shower cabin.

 When installing rollers don’t tighten them too strongly in order not to damage a seal or glass. 

 Eccentric rollers М 06А (shown at the picture in the left) are the easiest to be replaced on a shower cabin by a user oneself. The diameter of glass hole is not less than 11 mm, the recommended glass thickness is about 5-6 mm.
It is necessary to disassemble the roller, then to insert a   washer with eccentric into the hole on the internal side of a glass ( towards the interior of a shower cabin). Then insert the screw from the inner side of glass and put the washer without eccentric on it from outside. By use of a cross-point screwdriver you should tighten the screw into the shaft of   wheel while holding the metal shift. Don’t tighten strongly as the adjusting of eccentric will need to be done. Try to hold the upper rollers in the raised position of the eccentric and the lower rollers in the down position. Using the above procedure install all rollers on the leaf. Hang the door in such a way that each roller would enter into its guide rail. Use the pliers to adjust the eccentric, it is desirable to turn the eccentric manually. Turn the eccentric until the height of the door lifting becomes minimal.

 Set a safety decorative guard on the roller.

 The installation is finished.

 For more details, please, refer to our technical consultant.
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