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The right way of choosing a roller. To select the appropriate substitute you should make several photos and measure the dimensions as follows with a ruler or a caliper :

- the diameter of a roller;

- the diameter of a hole inside glass or metal (to spesify exactly where the hole is situated );

- to measure the thickness of glass or metal where the roller is to be inserted ;

- a roller’s extension- that means the maximum distance from a roller to a place of fastening (see the photo)

To provide with information concerning the name and the model of a shower cabin. 

In case your hesitating in your choice, please, refer to our technical consultant for advice as to required dimensions and  what to do in your situation. Also the optional photos made from required angles can be available.

If  you want to send  e-mail with attached photos, please, specify your contact telephone number, e-mail and your name. 

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