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Rollers are the essential elements of a shower cabin construction. They enable suspension of heavy (about 15 kg) doors and its smooth mooving. There is natural aging of shower cabin rollers as well as aging through the ingress of moisture and cleaning liquids.


Safety and ease of use depend on quality of operation of shower cabin rollers. A set of rollers includes fastenings and plugs. The delivery set consists of two upper rollers, two lower rollers and fastening screws. And also a single roller is available for sale



Construction elements are made of following stainless materials: stainless steel and stainless brass. They are suitable for most of shower cabins. A frictionless bearing is used in construction. This is qualitative closed bearing that is recommended for all operating conditions!

The distinctive feature is using of plastic protective bearing seals that prevent from moisture ingress and bearing corrosion. Rollers hold heavy doors easily. They have increased operation life.

The following specifications can be used for inspection of compliance with your requirements. (see the scheme on the left).

Glass thickness: 6–8 mm.

Roller   extension: 23–26 mm.

Roller diameter : 25–26 mm.

Roller width : 5-6 mm.

Materials, a roller is made of , are as follows.

Polyformaldehyde is a constructional polymeric material. It has good physical properties due to its polymer structure and high crystallinity.

Because of its chemical structure polyformaldehyde has high resistants to thermal and oxidative destruction owing to that long-term operation of products made of this polymer is allowed within temperature range from -60°C to100-135 °С.

Also polyformaldehyde has such features as high rigidity, hardness, resistance to impact loads, wear resistance, exellent spring properties and low creep.


Main application fields: It is widely used in all fields of industry for production of details with anti friction properties. It is also used in engineering and automobile industry for production of details contacting with fuel, oils and organic solvents.

Polyformaldehyde is applied for creation of bearings in shower cabin rollers as well as for production of qualitative separators.

 For more details, please,refer to our technical consultant.
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